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Tuesday Treasury – Monsters Under the Bed

I have been on a total cute furry kooky monster kick recently, so today I scoured etsy and found some truely cute and creepy monsters that just want to be your friend.

These monsters want to live under your bed and be your best friend!

Make sure to check out the treasury here: and give the sellers lots of love, they sure deserve it for creating such creative little monsters.

Sellers in this Treasury:

1. Lonnie the radioactive monster from MonstersEtc

2.  Sally and Fred from badbird

3. D.A.M.R. necklace from IchibanJoyas

4.  Melvin from obsoleteworlds

5.  Gary Takes up Knitting - Limited Edition Print from KillTaupe

6. Somebody's watching you from  asher82281

7. Hand Knit Monster with Leg Warmers from pinandpaper

8.  Creepy Plush from gush4plush

9.  Spork - Handmade Plush from DollyOblong

10.  Hunt the Beastile from Beastiles

11.  Scrabble Tile Pendant Necklace MONSTER Introductory Price from bippityboppityglue

12. Frank pinback button from thepinksamurai

13. so that's how we fell in love - 5x7 limited edition matted print

14.  the monster Decal sticker for iPad by CoolDecal

15.  Movable Teeth ring in Solid Sterling Silver by TwilightDistinction

16.  Hot Pink Monster Hat by wattlebird

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  1. Great treasury. Fun selections

  2. Super cool treasury! Love this theme of little monsters! Made me smile :)

  3. Oh, I like the little eyeball monster- it reminds me of one of my favorite short stories by Roald Dahl… very cool!!!

  4. Super cute treasury!! RAWR. :D

  5. What a cute treasury!

  6. Awesome treasury! I also looove that eyeball…!

  7. That is absolutely adorable! I love finding new illustrators and artists! I can’t wait to see what you post next.

  8. Love your monster treasury!!

  9. Love the little monsters! So cute!! Great treasury and great blog!
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