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Thursday Treasury – Summer Grilling

I have found that I really enjoy creating treasuries, as it stretches my creativity in a whole new way. My goal is to always find items that fit together in more than just theme. I want there to be a logical gradation of colors, and it is also important the the photography is clear and engaging.

Creating treasuries also touches on a theme that has been incredibly important to me recently, which is supporting the craft community. Sometimes the business side of takes over and you get into this vortex of promote promote promote, and you forget to spend time being inspired by what everyone else is doing.

So, this new treasury was inspired by our first family BBQ that we hosted last weekend, hope you enjoy.

Summer Grilling Treasury on Etsy

Summer Grilling Treasury on Etsy

The sellers in this treasury:
1. gourmet spice rub and barbeque kit by purposedesign

2. boulder wine charms by chrystalyn

3. Mint - Antique Spoon Garden marker by Hammermann

4. Vintage Amber Blend Tea Canister by 8pointdesign

5. Wood meat tenderizer by Brownfamilyworkshop

6.  Handmade cutting board by TRwoodworks

7. Fragility II by makye77

8. Butterfly Letterpress mini cards by sweetharvey

9. Yummy Burger Necklace by BabyLovesPink

10.  Cow Sculpture by Jimmyshandmade

11. T-Bone Steak Card by OrangeTwist

12.  Red Multi Print Summer Dress by emilyelizabethcoutur

13. Hot Shot Upcycled Barbecue Mitt by undoneclothing

14. Lemon Citrus Cloth Napkins by QuietudeQuilts

15. Citrus Colors Glass Coasters by bprdesigns

16. Hand painted wine glasses by PrettyMyDrink

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  1. What a lovely treasury! I love seeing what folks come up with… It’s one of my favorite ways to shop!

  2. Great picks I love that tea caddy, your right all these have great very clear photos!

  3. Cool treasury! I made my first treasury yesterday! Your blog is off to a great start!!! Good luck! :)

  4. What a great treasury. Welcome to the world of blogging. It’s great fun and quite addictive!

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