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Cleaning Up

Not sure what it is, but it seems spring cleaning has come a bit late, as everyone seems ready to clean up their studio spaces. Nothing like the first 100+ degree day to get me inspired to spend 5+ hours cleaning my own disaster space.

My craft space ranges from unusable to disaster zone on most days. Lately it has been stuck in disaster zone after a few back to back craft shows. It seems that no matter how much time I spend cleaning the space, it always gets messy faster than I can keep up. Nothing like a messy room to ruin all creativity.

I am ashamed to show how bad it got, as often times I see people post their "before" photos and they look better than my "after" photos. But I wanted to show the transformation.


Very messy studio

Very messy table top of my studio

Very messy floor of my studio

Very messy floor of my studio


The first major change that I made was to move my laptop and printer off to a side cabinet freeing up a ton of space on my desk. I also got some assistance from my boyfriend in hanging some long overdue artwork. The piece here is a beautiful photograph taken by Richard F. Gaston.

The desk looks a whole lot nicer now, and I also have more space available on my humongous cork board. I hope to start using this more now, although I am not sure how yet. So far I added a few pegs to hold my sizzors, ruler, and thread. I thought that this was a good start. I also hung one of my Grandmas drawings above my table.

Much cleaner table plus a drawing of my Grandma's

A nice space for some of my tools

Now that it is all clean, I hope to get back to being creative, although I know it will just get messy again...just hopefully not as bad!