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New photos: A sneak Peak

Moving this time around has been quite an interesting experience. We moved all of our stuff in, and then slowly started moving my boyfriends parents out. They have given us the pretty cool opportunity to live in their house while they move into a smaller fixer upper and work their renovation magic. My boyfriends mom has a ton of odd old things passed down to her from her father, and not all of it can fit into their new place, so for now I get to keep it!

This got especially exciting today when I decided to start re-photographing my books. I started out with a crazy old typewriter which i was totally excited about. I photographed all of my books in multiple positions,  (254 photos) loaded them up, adjusted one, and then let it be for a bit.

Then I was leaving, and something on the bookcase caught my eye. A bundle of over-sized wooden crayons. Regardless of the time spent photographing the previous set of photos, I knew I needed to rephotograph the books with these crayons.

I am in love with these crayons. They are a wonderful mixture of nature mixed with bold, bright colors. I think that those two things sum up my aesthetic pretty well, and while photographing the colors in the crayons helped bring out the vibrancy in the prints of the book.

I will be cropping and editing these, and then doing a massive shop update! Here is a little sneak peak.