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Finding the (white) balance

Eager to try out my lightbox that I built yesterday, I went outside and took a huge batch of photos. The problem was that I got them inside and they all had a beautiful tungsten glow to them. My goal with the lightbox was to shorten my time in post production as opposed to raise it. I use a Canon EOS Rebel XT camera, and I have been a bit spoiled with how well it points and shoots without much fuss. Although I do typically shoot in manual, I enjoy how the camera is fairly easy to get great photos out of. Up until this point, I have been using the camera's auto white balance and changing the rest of the settings.

However, with the auto white balance not getting the color that I wanted, I decided to start experimenting with the other white balance settings. I went outside and took a picture of the same object on each setting, one with flash, and one without. I am glad that I did, because I think I found the right mix that will get me beautiful photos with minimal touch up. I have gotten used to adjusting my own shutter speed, focus, and f. stop, and now it looks like I will add one more setting to my list.

I thought it was interesting how drastic the photos changed with each settings, and I set up a chart for reference.

Testing the different white balance settings on my camera.