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Product Photography

Today, I got back my shop critique from  Amber over at Mommy the Marketer. I highly suggest investing the $20 into your business and doing this. She came back with a really great critique of my shop with tons of detailed ideas on how to improve. It all made tons of sense, and I am starting right away in implementing her ideas. The only thing that I am sad about is that I did not do this a long time ago.

I already knew that working on my photos was something that I wanted to work on, which is why I have been working on getting my lightbox set up. Amber made a great suggestion to look at photos from your favorite brands for inspiration, and to look at it like a photo in a magazine page. So, I started thinking of my favorite sites that I go to for eye candy and my top two popped right into my head Decor8 and Papercrave. I surfed around for a bit and my heart began to sing. There is something about every single product shot in each of these blogs that just make me happy. I decided I wanted to take photos that made my heart sing, no pressure.

What I noticed from these two blogs, is that staging of the product is quite important. After a moment of near defeat thinking I could not afford to buy cool things just to stage my photos, I put on my creative hat and got to work. I gathered some tulle, and colorful buttons that I had gotten from a recent Craft Buffet I attended, a pencil, tall shot glass, and then picked some pretty weeds from my overgrown backyard (I knew there was a reason we had not mowed it yet!)

I moved the objects around a ton, and took tons of photographs, and then came back inside thinking I did not have anything I would like. It was not until I got them into photoshop, that I started to get excited. Not only did I have some that I like, I had way too many that I liked. I spent the next two hours adjusting, sorting, and refining my selection until I had something that I liked.

I wanted to post some before and after photos of what the listing looked like before, vrs what it looks like now. Granted this was one of my worst photographed items that I took in a dimly lit room with my iphone (I am not sure what my logic was on this one), but needless to say I think I have made an improvement.


Before Photo


After Photo

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  1. um, yeah. big difference. (-; well done!

  2. wow – very nice. A good photo and artistic arrangement makes a big difference.

  3. I wish I knew more about photos. I am hoping to get a really good camera after this Christmas!

  4. Your after photo looks awesome!

  5. Thanks so much. The lightbox has inspired me to get a bit more creative with my photos. Before they were kind of a drag and I just did them quickly to get done. Now they are another creative outlet.

  6. Huge difference! It looks wonderful! I need to get my lightbox fixed up and tweaked (I messed up the building a bit, and it doesn’t work as well as I’d like).

  7. I guess I should do some product staging. I tend to take photos outside, but I think staging can really make things look great.

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