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Using Color Theory to Create a Cohesive Treasury

I only recently started creating treasuries, but I really love doing them. It gives a fantastic excuse to browse through etsy and discover new things, and I have also found that they are a unique way to express my creativity in a whole new way.

As a designer, color is extremely important to me, and I love creating a feeling, mood, or story using color, and treasuries are a great way to play with color.

So, before I show the treasury, I thought I would go over some basic color ideas, if this excites you like it does me, you can dive pretty deep into the rabbit hole...but for now lets keep it on the simpler side.

The color wheel:

Important terms (don't worry, no test!)

Primary colors: These are the colors that all other colors are created with

Red, Yellow, and Blue

Secondary colors: These colors are created by mixing two primary colors together

Orange, Green, and Purple

Tertiary colors: these colors are created by combining a primary, and a secondary color together.

Red-Orange, Yellow-Orange, Yellow-Green, Blue-Green, Blue-Purple, Red-Purple

Warm Colors: Reds, Oranges, and Yellows

Cool Colors: Greens, Blues, Purples

Hue: The color

Tint: Adding white to a color creates a tint

Tone: Color Adding gray to a color creates a tone

Shade: Color Adding black to a color creates a shade

Value: The lightness or darkness of a color.

Color Schemes:

There are some basic groupings of colors that are great guidelines for creating successful color schemes

Monochromatic: Using a variety of tones, shades, and values of the same color.

Complimentary: Using two colors that are opposite of each other on the color wheel

Analogous: Using three colors that sit side by side to each other on the color wheel

Triadic: Using three colors that are equal distance apart on the color wheel.

Split Complementary: A variation on a complementary color scheme, picks the two colors adjacent to the complementary color.

With all of this in mind, I wanted to create a treasury that celebrated both Fall, and winter, which was a unique way to explore both warm, and cool colors with an emphasis on natural colors.

I looked for items to snuggle up in: hats, and scarves, reasons to snuggle up: books, and tea, as well as things to dress up in for upcoming holiday parties: jewelry and accessories.

Here is what I came up with:

I went with a natural base color of rich browns and grays to help unite and ground the selections. Most of the items contain some form of these two colors. (Keep in mind, I do not only look inside the item itself to build my color palette, for me the entire image is extremely important to if I will use the item or not).

I then chose a triadic color scheme of the three primary colors to use for accent colors, this creates an exciting color scheme, but it still feels very unified.

color diagrams from:


Polka Dot Love Treasury

I have a small (ok large) obsession with polka dots. Anything with polka dots pretty much makes my heart beat a bit faster. I think that they areso versatile and wonderful, they can be fun and playful, or classic and elegant, and really everything in between.

Today I searched through etsy for some polka dot items, it was quite hard to narrow it down to just 16 items, but I think I found some really lovely items.

Make sure to stop by and give the treasury and all of these sellers some love!

Polka Dot Love Treasury on Etsy

1. ECO POLKA DOTS II by ikabags

2.  True Blue Print by jellybeans

3.  Cupcake liners- Green polka dots by DivineBakingSupplies

4. Cotton chenille burp cloth set Brown and Blue Dots Flowers by OurLittleMesses

5.  Lolli Dot Baby Booties by blowingkissesdesigns

6.  Red with Colorful Dots Large Fabric Thumbtacks by fabric farrago

7.  linen notepad cosy by PilliPillihandmade

8.  The TUTU PARTY DRESS by loverdoversclothing

9.  Set of Two 16x16 inch Designer Pillow Covers by thislittlehome

10.  Movie Screen Big Audry Hair snap by chrystalyn

11.  Suburban Relapse Black with Cream Polka Dot Fingerless Gloves by ZenAndCoffee

12. Auto Trash - Car Litter Bag - Light Bright (Black) by allysonhill

13.  Trinket Box Le Cirque by funwallart

14.  Retro Halter and Boy Brief Yellow Polka Dot Bikini by Harajuku

15.  Bumblebee Matchbox Goodies by ivylanedesigns


Tuesday Treasury – Monsters Under the Bed

I have been on a total cute furry kooky monster kick recently, so today I scoured etsy and found some truely cute and creepy monsters that just want to be your friend.

These monsters want to live under your bed and be your best friend!

Make sure to check out the treasury here: and give the sellers lots of love, they sure deserve it for creating such creative little monsters.

Sellers in this Treasury:

1. Lonnie the radioactive monster from MonstersEtc

2.  Sally and Fred from badbird

3. D.A.M.R. necklace from IchibanJoyas

4.  Melvin from obsoleteworlds

5.  Gary Takes up Knitting - Limited Edition Print from KillTaupe

6. Somebody's watching you from  asher82281

7. Hand Knit Monster with Leg Warmers from pinandpaper

8.  Creepy Plush from gush4plush

9.  Spork - Handmade Plush from DollyOblong

10.  Hunt the Beastile from Beastiles

11.  Scrabble Tile Pendant Necklace MONSTER Introductory Price from bippityboppityglue

12. Frank pinback button from thepinksamurai

13. so that's how we fell in love - 5x7 limited edition matted print

14.  the monster Decal sticker for iPad by CoolDecal

15.  Movable Teeth ring in Solid Sterling Silver by TwilightDistinction

16.  Hot Pink Monster Hat by wattlebird


Thursday Treasury – Summer Grilling

I have found that I really enjoy creating treasuries, as it stretches my creativity in a whole new way. My goal is to always find items that fit together in more than just theme. I want there to be a logical gradation of colors, and it is also important the the photography is clear and engaging.

Creating treasuries also touches on a theme that has been incredibly important to me recently, which is supporting the craft community. Sometimes the business side of takes over and you get into this vortex of promote promote promote, and you forget to spend time being inspired by what everyone else is doing.

So, this new treasury was inspired by our first family BBQ that we hosted last weekend, hope you enjoy.

Summer Grilling Treasury on Etsy

Summer Grilling Treasury on Etsy

The sellers in this treasury:
1. gourmet spice rub and barbeque kit by purposedesign

2. boulder wine charms by chrystalyn

3. Mint - Antique Spoon Garden marker by Hammermann

4. Vintage Amber Blend Tea Canister by 8pointdesign

5. Wood meat tenderizer by Brownfamilyworkshop

6.  Handmade cutting board by TRwoodworks

7. Fragility II by makye77

8. Butterfly Letterpress mini cards by sweetharvey

9. Yummy Burger Necklace by BabyLovesPink

10.  Cow Sculpture by Jimmyshandmade

11. T-Bone Steak Card by OrangeTwist

12.  Red Multi Print Summer Dress by emilyelizabethcoutur

13. Hot Shot Upcycled Barbecue Mitt by undoneclothing

14. Lemon Citrus Cloth Napkins by QuietudeQuilts

15. Citrus Colors Glass Coasters by bprdesigns

16. Hand painted wine glasses by PrettyMyDrink