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Shop Update Complete…and a Blog Feature!

Last week I put unpacking on the back burner (yes, I was devastated) and worked on getting my shop all updated with all of the new photos that I had taken. I am so pleased with how cohesive my shop looks now. I also added a fun Halloween banner & shop avatar that are super fun. Go ahead, go take a look!

I also decided last week to try out Handmade Spark. I am a huge lover of etsy, but I am always looking to get a little extra exposure for my products. I have looked into other online marketplaces but none of them have incited me enough to go over. Handmade Spark however, seems like a great fit. It is not it's own marketplace, instead it feeds from your etsy shop, and just adds a little extra SEO for people to be able to find your products easier.  On top of that, it has a great active blog, and feels to encompass the supportive artists community that etsy has. One of the biggest draw backs of adding a second shop location is the time it takes to add new items. I would much rather be in my (not yet set up) studio working on more products, than sitting at the computer listing items.

Adding to the excitement of getting all of these set up and ready, today I am the Featured seller! Woo. Check out my write up here!

So, me and my newly updated shop can now be found not only on etsy, but on Handmade spark too!