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A Bookbinder is Born

I fell in love with bookbinding in college when I decided I wanted to perfect bind my final project after my teacher showed a small demo in class. The first attempt at bookbinding turned out fantastic, and I was hooked. A  year later I took a workshop on how to to a 3 hole stab bound notebook, and my love for bookbinding was re-ignited.

My first handbound book

It was not until my first day at work after graduation that I pulled out this little notebook that I had created and began to use it. I wrote tons of little notes in it from tracking my time, my to-do lists, random thoughts, sketches, project revisions and meeting notes. I carried the notebook with me everywhere, and captured my stream of consciousness for a period of time. It became so much more inspiring to use a notebook that I loved to look of, rather than the plain books I had been getting from the art store throughout college. I found that I wanted to sketch more, and the small size meant that I could carry them everywhere with me.

The book I made at a workshop and later used at my first job after college.

It was at that time that I made a goal of creating these books to sell on etsy, and here I am today nearly a year later. This has been a challenging, and rewarding learning experience, and I am looking forward to how my shop will continue to evolve.

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  1. Hi. Nice blog. May I suggest you use Google Connect for followers?

  2. Thank you for the suggestion, I believe I have it set up correctly now, hope you will connect and continue to enjoy the new blog.

  3. Great blogs and etsy items. Love the cupcake ones. Following you blog!!! Cant wait to read more

  4. oooh, I am a fan of book binding myself!

  5. Great post, love your shop! That game controller notebook is fab!

  6. Congratulations! I fell in love with bookbinding after my boyfriend and I watched a youtube video on coptic binding. Now we make our own notebooks rather than buy new ones.

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